Monday, 31 August 2009

Top Ten Writers #8: Brian K. Vaughan

Wow so yesterday was pretty hectic as far as stuff is concerned. Disney bought Marvel for crying out loud (something I'm still sitting on to post more of the interwebs reactions) and I actually posted about things. As such it's time to do yesterday's top ten writer, and today's one later... Wait that seems familiar!

This time around we take a look at someone who wrote a) a series when it was still good, b) a character when he was still good, c) a comic that stayed good and d) a show that had gotten awful and is now quite good.

The show was Lost by the way, a show which Jeph Loeb had just stopped producing. Sure season 3 & most of 4 was awful but it's funny how he keeps cropping up, the prick.

*ahem* anyway, the writers is another example of how baldness or 3 initials make a good writer! (it's not solid, but generally a rule)


BKV has achieved a rare feat, in that everything I've read by him, EVERYTHING, has been brilliant. In fact rather than talk about sophisticated nuances to his work or how he is a champion of character creation (see Runaways and The Hood: Blood From Stones) I'm just gonna straight up say everything I've read by him and why it's awesome.

Marvel Icons: Chamber - Fuck it you didn't even know this existed!

  • Ultimate X-Men - His run was pretty awesome (though I may be the only one who thinks so) with some awesome content, most of all the Longshot stuff.
  • The Hood: Blood From Stones - Here BKV successfully turned origin stories on their head showing how a villain can appear in the same vein as the good guys, through spectacular chance and circumstance (rather than from another bad person or evil group as is the norm. or heck being an obvious villain in the first place a la Red Ghost). The 6 issue limited was brilliant from start to finish and was the comic that actually made me take notice of the man. Of course since then Bendis has character assassinated the hell out of The Hood so this is almost meaningless to most people nowadays.
  • X-Men Icons: Chamber - I love Jono, he's one of my favourite mutants (I need to do that list at some point). Anyone with the sense to write a limited about him is brilliant and the fact that this actually delivered just makes it all the sweeter. Wish I could find this fucker in trade though!
  • Runaways - I just finished reading this up to date and BKV's opening run and second series are some of the best comics I've EVER read. You get so much from what is essentially just a teen series and it'll stick with ya. Of course since then other writers have turned the series into a pile of shit so this is almost meaningless to people nowadays.
  • Y: The Last Man - 60 issues of brilliant comic that pretty much everyone loves. I don't really need to talk about this.

Remember when RUNAWAYS was good? Thank BKV for those good times.

So yeah if you don't believe the man has earned his place... You're wrong. CLASS DISMISSED!

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  1. I'll add Pride of Baghdad, that business was very fucking brilliant. It's the sort of thing you could give most people and they could enjoy. You could describe the story and they'd think it was some Booker shortlist up against The Life of Pi. Golden.
    His LOST episodes are pretty good too, but that show has always been awesome, I don't care what anyone else says.
    Ex Machina, also a win. Getting the deluxe hardcovers as they slowly appear.
    I'd just about put BKV at #1.