Sunday, 30 August 2009

Top Ten Writers #9: Geoff Johns

Well the internet was down for the evening, so instead of it being one every day we have none yesterday and, god willing, TWO today!

The writer I'm delving into and worshipping his ever-lovin' socks off is a man with poor enough taste to share a writing space with a much hated tool over at the empath magic tree house (ugh) and indeed a man who has written a shit-load of DC work. But that's not why people remember him. We all love this man for what he's done reinventing and reinvigorating thousands of green-garbed space heroes. Oh yeah, it's time for


Now I have to admit that I only read ANYTHING by Geoff Johns this year, diving head first into the first two parts of his Green Lantern trilogy (Rebirth and Sinestro Corps War) and expanding slowly outwards, so if there are any massive blips in his work that would mean he doesn't deserve this position someone should really let me know.

Sinestro Corps War: The second of a trilogy and FREAKIN' AWESOME

In recent years Geoff has shown an almost CRAZED amount of control over DC properties, taking them in hand and fiddling as he wants. Now if he were his tree house mate Mr. Loeb this would be an abomination resulting in him KILLING EVERYONE EVER but thankfully when in the hands of the capable Mr. Johns it just means we get retcons and character repair, such as with the critically beloved Green Lantern: Rebirth that successfully brought back Hal Jordan to the centre of the DCU and Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds, which did the same for Superboy (And catapulted much-reviled character Superboy-Prime back to where he came from, with only a grilled cheese sammich to his name).

The decent Superboy's adventures continue in Geoff Johns' ADVENTURE COMICS

I've managed to avoid talking about Blackest Night because I fear that will just make the whole killing everyone sentiment ironic and I fear that it might all go wrong at the last minute, but even with that in mind Geoff has managed to achieve so much in these recent years, especially when you consider that Blackest Night spans the entire DC universe. You just don't get bigger than that. Phew almost forgot to shovel that in.

Blackest Night: Might make this post redundant.

Geoff has earned his place here at #9 simply because of his control over characters, having clear ideas of where everyone is going and delivering at exactly the right moments. One day this will probably backfire against him but until then it's pretty safe to say that Johns is the bright shining future of DC and will one day control us all and change OUR backstories slightly.

Next up: #8 and a couple of reviews I hope

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