Friday, 4 September 2009

Top Ten Writers #6: Kurt Busiek

Playing catch-up AGAIN as we come to the last of the 'rambling style' top ten writers. the rest are in a more collected manner due to how awesome they are.

Wow, #6 already?! WHEN WE SHOULD BE AT #4?! For me that's surprisingly good. Not to forget that none of you actually care in the end. Soon this will be over and I'll continue to hate on things frequently.

Today we take a look at someone who wrote Avengers when I didn't read it, Power Company which I've never heard of, Astro City that I'm told I should read and some Superman stuff I've never even heard of.

Oh and a Justice League and Avengers crossover that I don't WANT to look at.

.... Wait why's he at number 6?

#6: Kurt Busiek

I don't have a caption for this image. It's just Kurt Busiek's face. Look at it. Okay? Now you'll know it's him when he approaches you in a dark alley.

So yeah Busiek has a fairly large output I know jack about. In fact one could say I only know a few things from him. But these few things are of such a quality that he's earned his place on the pantheon of greats. He's just more the great on the pantheon who you kinda try not to make eye contact with because you never know what he'll do next. Heck he might just yell loudly and jump off the pantheon, landing on the poor norms belo-

... Where am I going with this?

Marvels: It's pretty good. You heard it here first!

OH YEAH WHY BUSIEK IS AWESOME!... MARVELS! YEAH MARVELS LET'S TALK ABOUT THAT FOR A BIT! I recently got around to reading this and whilst I don't get why it's such a toast of the comics world it certainly proves Busiek's skill, telling a massive character story that almost revolutionised comics thinking, reminding people that the ordinary people in the Marvel U are affected by events far more than any super powered chump. This apparently rocketed Busiek to fame and won him several awards, which I'm grateful for simply for what Busiek did next and the true reason I believe he deserves this position (read as: NOW I'M GONNA BE A FANBOY DERP DERP).

Thunderbolts: I love it... Well now I hate what it's become but shut up.

THUNDERBOLTS! The praise I can give to this series is in turn IMMENSE (Busiek's run), PLENTIFUL (Nicieza's run), AWFUL (that post-cancellation unrelated thing), COOL (New Thunderbolts) and then downhill from there. So it makes sense that when addressing Busiek I bring up Thunderbolts, where he was better than all the rest. With this series everything was turned on its head with villains pretending to be heroes and accidentally reforming as they go about this ruse. It said a lot about how the super villains of the Marvel U can work, humanised them and made for some of the most thrilling reading I've ever read... as opposed to the most thrilling reading I've ever heard? Sure this isn't some fancy pants praised award-winning limited series that everyone likes to tongue up the arse but that's exactly why it's so great! It's a classic series that knew exactly what it was; A FUCKING COMIC! Nothing sophisticated just fun all the way with some great layers if you are a snooty cunt like me. The only series like this today where it plays out like a proper classic comic is Power Girl, so you can understand that I yearn for stuff like the first 33 issues of Thunderbolts.

Trinity: totally my desktop background now.

In my final way of approaching why Busiek is awesome let me bring up his most recent awesome thing: Trinity. It was a simple concept, a tiny story about the Trinity of DC (Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman) and a back-up by Bagley and Nicieza about other stuff. It worked brilliantly for all 52 weeks (screw what other people say) and did things differently to slop like COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS. If it's any indication of things to come from Busiek he's only going to get better and better.

Until then just don't make eye contact.

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