Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Ten Worst Covers Conclusion: DO BETTER

Figured it'd make sense to separate this from the MASSIVE Top Ten #1 post, mainly to showcase some actual positive stuff. For each of the worst covers, the artists involved have produced exceptional work on other covers (excluding Das Pastoras and Rob Liefeld). The focus here will be to showcase the good they've done, including my personal favourite cover of all time! Oh and to throw in the conclusions, that'd help.


THE BEST COVER EVARRRRRRRR: All New Savage She-Hulk #3 Variant by Juan Doe

Sure it's simple and part of the cheap decades variant gimmick Marvel's doing at the moment, but just LOOK at how pretty this is! It's the sort of unique and vibrant colour art that could actually draw people in, even the non-comic fans. Sure I'm probably overselling it but fuck it's BEAUTIFUL!

Good covers by those who have created crap:
Alex Ross

Greg Land

Humberto Ramos
Ed McGuinness
Juan Doe (again)
Ariel Olivetti
Alex Maleev

See? They can ALL DRAW WELL.

LUKE: Covers don't sell things to me. Well Watchmen, but that doesn't even
need characters on the cover. it's stylised, ya know?

LAURA: I don't care

MAX: My opinion of a good cover is a pretty one. Like these here. It isn't rocket science. Just don't do work that looks like arse... Oh wait, opinions... I forgot about opinions!


  1. Seems ALMOST arbitrary.


  2. I think the She-Hulk one looks awful to be honest :/

    That ironman one by juan doe is very cool though.