Thursday, 9 July 2009

Flip The Page Text Review: X-Men Legacy #226

So, when I'm not gabbing off about my love for Fred Van Lente, Mighty Avengers or Rikki Barnes what do I not shut the fuck up about?

X-Men. Seriously. My childhood was full of love for them, from a youth obsessing about the 90s cartoon to my first comic, an issue of Essential X-Men (think AstonSpid but with X-Men) featuring three issues of Grant Morrison's New X-Men run in 200.... 2? 4? It doesn't matter. So as a child/young teen I was spoilt for quality with my favourite mutants.

Nowadays they get a bad rap, mainly because of people like Greg Land or series like X-Men Forever but despite all that I still find most X-franchise material to be readable if not AWESOME.

So with that love in mind let's jump into X-Men Legacy #226 by Mike Carey and Justin Weaver!


Now, anyone who's been following my reviews will know I've been pretty much into the whole Utopia crossover at the minute and this issue is no exception... Except it is. This isn't part of the crossover, just a tie-in issue focusing on some of the other characters of the X-Comics, namely Rogue, Gambit and Danger. Now this is guaranteed gold for me, as Danger is one of the best characters to appear in recent years, Rogue is solidly acceptable and Gambit is this strangely awesome entity in recent years (namely in Messiah Complex). Seriously, this knows exactly what I want and how to give it to me!

Anyway on to the content. Danger, Rogue and Gambit are heading to San-Francisco to help quell the riots at a speed of mach 2 in a pretty small plane. Pixie turns up and says they're raelly slow and teleports them to where they belong. This is just one page and an awesome page at that. Danger and Gambit endear themselves to me almost instantly with Gambit's fear that Danger's enhancements to the plane's engines will break it apart, followed by Danger being confident saying it will hold. Little details like that and Danger immediately aiming at Pixie when she materialises help me fall further in love with the comic. One page.... Fuck, I'm not suited to comics. I obsess too quickly. Moving on...

I could analyse the whole issue page by page, but that'd be too much and no-one would read it. So instead I'll just highlight the things I find awesome. With bullet points.
  • Every pose any character is in at any point
  • Remy's attitude
  • Rogue's costume
  • Danger shooting up a tank to save a child, who is ecstatic, thinking he's been saved by a transformer. In fact this is my highlight of the week hands down.
  • "Ms. Marvel" (actually Moonstone) facing off with Rogue. Potent 'cause of Rogue's history with the REAL Ms. Marvel.
  • Ares is up against everyone at some point nowadays, but him vs Gambit is a match I actually WANT to see! And am pretty much denied.
  • Danger being more and more awesomer shooting off to help Gambit against Ares. Danger is officially THE SHIT
  • Danger's idea of a circuit breaker = BLOWING ARES UP. AWESOME!
  • The ending makes me want more. SUCCESS

Things I hated:

  • Ares if up against everyone at some point nowadays. Just wait till he takes on Pixie!

So as you can see, the positive's throughout greatly outweigh the negatives, though I am aware that they're mostly just rambling notes I made whilst reading it. This is a comic for those who want to be guaranteed something classic out of Utopia and out of what was formerly known as Adjectiveless X-Men (or New X-Men... It's had a few names), for those who love classic characters as well as awesome new ones (okay, just Danger but shut up this is Danger we're talking about here). If you don't pick up X-Men Legacy at this point you're also missing the best jumping on point the series has had in a fair while.


Okay, a very scattershot review and I'm aware I haven't mentioned the quality of the writing or art. Again I'll put this down to me reworking my review format, so any reviews that DO appear this week will be shoddy and fanboyish, something that will continue till I'm done with the new format idea

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  1. This was such a great issue wasn't it, so much action and all round x-goodness. The 3 main charcters were kicking fucking arse. hope next ish is just as good