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NEW STYLE Quick-Fire Reviews: Week of 15th July Part 2


.... I suppose I SHOULD. After all once I'm caught up I can reward myself with something I actually WANT to do, like the FTP text review for the week, or editing that goddamn video review together. Still, I hate playing catch-up. I especially hate it when it's this week of the month, where EVERYTHING decides to come out... Well by that I mean last week and.. GAH I HATE THIS!


Flippin' Moments (most comics have 5): 1
Spotlight Fli- oh just one okay then: Franklin Richards trying to stop the rain and only succeeding just before he has to go to dinner. Kinda funny.Art: It's okay, stylised. Like a poor man's Peanuts. A VERY poor man's Peanuts.
Writing: Humour's aimed at kids but I can't imagine them finding any of the strips funny outside of the one moment I've highlighted. Wow I just removed any need for anyone to buy this comic. Wow.
Downsides: IT'S REALLY FUCKING AWFUL! That's a pretty big downside.
Rating: FUCK IT!

LOCKJAW & THE PET AVENGERS #3 (OF 4) by Chris Eliopoulos and Ig Guara
Flippin' Moments: 10
Spotlight Flippin' Moment: The immediate opening page, with the thrilling sight of the Pet Avengers falling out of the sky and Niels (Hairball) screaming his guts out with fear. Awesome.Art: Functional, goofy, suited to the writing. This is how art should be, fitting perfectly into the complete package and being perfect for its role.
Writing: Oh Eliopoulos CAN write! That doesn't explain Franklin Richards but still enough of me griping, let me just say that the writing here is stellar and full of brilliant laugh out loud moments. It's by no means flawless, having to establish how characters behave rapidly due to the constraints of a 4 issue miniseries, but we forgive those flaws in light of some of the best character interaction this side of Might Avengers.
Downsides: None that I can think of.
Rating: Flippin' BUY IT!

MIGHTY AVENGERS #27 by Dan Slott, Christos Gage and Khoi Pham
Flippin' Moments: 8
Spotlight Flippin' Moment: The big reveal of the Infinite Avengers Mansion, the coolest idea the avengers has had since... Well since Slott's Mighty Avengers line-up funnily enough.Art: Khoi Pham has returned, bringing with him the definitive Mighty Avengers art style that set us all up to fall in love with a title formerly plagued by tie-ins and over the top Bendis voice. Slott helped of course by being awesome but Pham is like the heart of Mighty, beating away under the surface, bringing with it emotion. MAINLY LOVE.
Writing: Slott is the champion of Avengers. Simple as. Gage has turned up for scripting this time and in true form he generally gets the same sort of quality shining through in his dialogue. However I do look forward to any point ahead where Slott handles all writing himself, as he is the true brain of Mighty, coming up with ideas and presenting them FLAWLESSLY. Gage does well filling in for the frontal lobe though so we can forgive this.
Downsides: Again, I want Slott's full brainpower on this.
Rating: Flippin' BUY IT!

Flippin' Moments: 3
Spotlight Flippin' Moment: Punisher's new assisstant getting pissy... Yeah that's the best... Ya know what fuck it. I don't want to tell you how awful this is. It's just that bad. It's SO FUCKING AWFUL I'll just replace the review with an image of Molly from RUNAWAYS punching Frank in the stomach. That's what you get for not being as good as Matt Fraction. I'm not bitter.
Yeah. Take that.

SKRULL KILL KREW #3 (OF 5) by Adam Felber, Mark Robinson, Mike Getty and Rob Disalvo

Flippin' Moments: 9
Spotlight Flippin' Moment: The resident racist of the SKK turns out to have regenerated himself as a black man. Hilarious moment and more than a little eye-catching, especially to readers of this series or the one before it.Art: Too many cooks aside, this is al perfectly functional, with the battle scenes carrying the requisite craziness that a book like Skrull Kill Krew really needs.
Writing: Awesome. Captivating even to non-fans, pleasing to fans, whilst not being confusing to the captivated non-fans. This is how comics should be.
Downsides: Too many cooks. Wolverine. Actually he's kinda cool in this and not Wolverine.
Rating: Flippin' BUY IT!

WAR OF KINGS WARRIORS #1 (OF 2) by Christos Gage, Mahmud A. Asrar and Carlos Magno
Flippin' Moments: Gladiator's story: 5. Blasaar's Story: 0
Spotlight Flippin' Moment: A ruthless headshot of sheer epic proportions that I'm too lazy to explain it. Hey look an image:
Art: Both stories have okay art, that's captivating whilst also being kinda boring in this age of detailed art that isn't that fun. That aside it's pretty and the colouring in Gladiator's story is pretty awesome.
Writing: Gage can't make Blastaar cool. He can make Gladiator epic though so we forgive him. Functional and pretty good for a couple of side-stories. Nothing to write home about.
Downsides: Bland, pointless, Blastaar sucks.
Rating: I DON'T CARE! (for the War of Kings collectors?)

X-FACTOR #46 by Peter David and Marco Santucci(?)
Flippin' Moments: 7
Spotlight Flippin' Moment: Darwin doing his whole 'don't call me Armando' schtick. Never gets old. Especially as this time he's hitting Monet at the same time (and not in the way he'd prefer!).Art: Functional, and confusing. Mainly because It says De Landro on the cover and Marco Santucci inside. So I give up. It's X-Factor art, meaning the artist will be gone soon enough and replaced by someone else, making for inconsistencies and pain. Until then it's fine and actually pretty awesome.
Writing: Peter David may be a Liefeld antagoniser but that's not the reason I love reading his comics. No it's also because he writes great stories. This is no exception and a perfect step in the lead-up to the conclusion of this year long arc in issue 50.
Downsides: Any sense of a cliffhanger this issue is non-existant. Or lame. I can't tell.
Rating: Buy It!

Okay I'm all caught up. FTP text review soon enough, top ten writers up saturday with this week's quick-fire. I'm tired now.

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  1. Totally agree with your Warriors review. I bought it to learn more about the Gladiator and his story was awesome. shame it wasnt a whole issue of just gladiator.